It’s not a question of “Does society need to change?” It’s a question of “How?” and “How much?”

It is very clear to all of us (well, maybe not the right wingers, but I digress) that society as a whole needs major upheaval. It’s clear that we live, at least in the west, as a primarily white/rich/able-bodied/straight/cis/Christian controlled society. Look around: Who makes the decisions? Who controls our speech? Who gets attention? As a white/cis/straight/able-bodied person, I own this privilege that other people don’t have like I do.

I want things to change. I want society to be comfortable for people to be different more than it is now. There are so many things that average people go through in life without difficulty that some people really struggle with. Think about it! As you walk around, go to work, hang out with your significant other, or walk down the street, put yourself in the shoes of someone else, and things can change drastically. I don’t want such a drastic disparity between lives. I want LGBT people to be free to marry who they love. I want police to stop arresting innocent black males because of their skin colour. I want people to have the freedom to be in public without being made fun of for being deaf or mentally disabled. Etc fucking etc.

Sounds reasonable? Everyone being able to coexist? But wait.

The thing is  that the social justice community has, as they often do, taken the issue and spun it to a ridiculous degree, wherein no change will ever occur. They have turned to the unrealistic idea that human beings are all able to be cogs in a machine. The human element is nonexistent, especially if you’re ‘normal’. There are no small changes. There is no bipartisan effort. It’s ‘Social Justice’ versus ‘Everyone who disagrees’. It’s an Us vs Them mentality that has not worked whatsoever.

I’ll give you a big example here, because there are many other situations I could talk about but it would take forever. And this instance represents the core of my point.  Take the ludicrous “fat acceptance movement” (It’s not as great as you think it is, believe me. Basically, obesity is acceptable and beautiful yadda yadda there will be many posts about it, because it pisses me the fuck off). It’s really my current ranty anger focus. I mean, I am sick of how fat people are treated. It sucks ass. Honestly, I don’t know. Until my brush with Tumblr, I kind of thought fat acceptance just wanted to stop prejudice over weight. Fair enough.

And then.

That’s not what they want. Not at all. They are quite simply telling society that it needs to change entirely to accommodate their obesity. Now, I have a problem with that. Take, for example, this article, wherein a thin woman is booted off of her flight to accommodate an obese fourteen year old who required two seats. That’s terrible. If you use two seats, PAY FOR TWO SEATS. I am, btw, horrified that a fourteen year old needs two airplane seats anyway.

Now, this probably isn’t the norm. I dearly hope not. However, NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) supports the idea that fat people should be accommodated on flights without incurring extra fees. This is completely unfair. This is the idea that just because the USA has an obesity epidemic that we should allow and encourage their lifestyle. 

Now, I’ll give a lovely little post I made on my soon-to-be-destroyed tumblr that drew some ridiculous comments. Yeah, I was a bitch. MEH.

Okay people.

I’ve seen so much fat acceptance bullshit and it’s making me super super pissed. REALLY NOW.


I’m not a bad person for not wanting to share my AVERAGE SIZED bus seat with a 400 pound person. I don’t give a FUCK. 

For example.

When Jordan spent a week in the US, he spent a fifteen hour bus ride with a 400-450 pound obese woman. 

After spending an hour while they installed a fat seat for another woman.

She was a rude bitch, too, but that doesn’t have to do with her weight so whatever.

Anyways. He had to spend the whole ride shoved against the window, while this woman used BAGGIES FULL OF RANCH DIP to eat MULTIPLE FULL SIZED BAGS OF CHIPS.

And Jordan is supposed to accept this?

I’m supposed to accept this?

Jesus christ. I’m well aware that hopefully that’s not the norm, eating grossly in public, but even so.

I have made good choices with my body and if you’re so overweight you can’t fit in a plane or bus, LOSE WEIGHT.

It’s not societys job to fucking coddle everyone.

I know many nice overweight and obese people and their weight doesn’t make me not like them or anything.


They may not always act on it, but at least they try.

I’m so sick of people telling other people being fat is okay.

Being curvy is okay.


Marilyn Monroe is curvy.

Roseanne is fat.

Big difference.”

And check out some responses!!

Chubbyshe: “COOL STORY BRO. Just because you hate yourself doesn’t mean all fat people should.”

My response: “Actually, I don’t hate myself at all. I struggle with my body like everyone, sure, but I don’t hate myself. If you loved yourself, you’d try to get healthy. This goes for everyone from underweight to obese. Period. It’s pretty clear who respects their body more here. STFU.”

Chubbyshe: Aw, look, a fat person hater speculating about someone else’s diet/exercise habits with no legitimacy simply because they’re fat.

Haven’t seen that one before!”

My response: “I don’t hate fat people. I hate being expected to be okay with stuffing my body next to someone who is three people wide who refuses to do anything about it.

And again, bullshit.

Unless you’re one of the ONE PERCENT of overweight people who have a medical condition (even though most medical conditions such as thyroid problems usually only cause 10-30 pounds extra weight), you’re wrong.


You people are delusional. If you look obscenely fat, you’re not as healthy as you should be, period. Body size is indicative of health to some degree, and I’m sick of people saying ‘THE ONLY THING YOU CAN SEE BY ME BEING FAT IS THAT I’M FAT’.

If you were eating under 2000 calories a day and working out, you WOULDN’T BE FAT.”

Chubbyshe: “You’re just so concerned about my health that it’s bringin’ a big fat tear to my eye”

Bodyimageblog: “BAWWWW Jordan had to ride the bus next to a fat person!? And they were – holy shit – EATING!? And they were also a rude bitch which is totally unrelated, but necessary to bring up anyway you see because we all know fat people are secretly all rude bitches. Well I for one am frankly shocked that this person survived such an appalling ordeal.

So nice of you also to say that you’re fine with the good, self loathing fatties though. How generous of you.

No one gives a shit who you want to sit next to the bus with or what you think of fat people.


By this point, I’m sure you can see how these ‘fat activists’ behave. They’re free to be cunty swearing assholes like I am, but at least I have, uhm REALITY on my side.

My final word: “Actually, the woman being a bitch was mentioned because it added to the disdain. Not because it’s because she’s fat. Ridiculous. Don’t accuse me of shit that never happened. (Note: Exactly what I bitch about in my About page, TL;DR if I disagree with one thing I must disagree with everything and be an agent of Satan)

If you think it’s appropriate to eat three bags of potato chips out of ranch dip baggies on a public bus, next to a person who was FORCED to sit by your fat ass, there’s something wrong with that. PERIOD.

When you see me complaining about a 180 pound ‘fat’ person next to me on the bus, feel free to bitch because that’s ridiculous.

But 450 pounds people?! Not acceptable, period.

I have no choice but to live in a part of the world filled with obesity. Why don’t thin people get a choice? Why do we get to be uncomfortable, smelling gross food, and being stuffed in next to a window so that the *~precious fat people~* can have ‘self love and acceptance’

If you want to be fat, go for it. Get the fuck out of my physical space.”

Yeah. It’s harsh. IDGAF, GTFO.

But you know what? Where are my rights? Why can’t I sit on a bus without fear of an enormous food vacuum engaging in their unhealthy addiction and getting in MY space? Yeah, as I discussed above, in many ways society is made for me. But guess what? With 68 percent of Americans overweight or obese, I’M A MINORITY. I can’t go anywhere without facing a high number of obese people.  Funny how minorities, when it comes to people who are thin, don’t get to decide what offends them (The idea that all minorities can wave their wands and declare anything offensive is another post for another night). Not that I think your minority status gives you the right to say what is offensive, but it’s certainly some major hypocrisy.

What do you think? Should society bend to people who are overweight because of their majority status? 



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6 Responses to It’s not a question of “Does society need to change?” It’s a question of “How?” and “How much?”

  1. Kristin Z. says:

    No. It’s unhealthy and I feel sorry for all those people who have been deluded by themselves and others that being too large to live to old age is “okay.” An epidemic is not okay. It’s okay that many Americans have a slight beer gut or pear-shaped hips. A little annoying for many of them, but okay. It’s not okay that there are others besides them who are eating themselves into an early grave.

    (Oh, and tumblr is SO annoying with those social justice idiots. I’d complain about them all the time if there weren’t one or two I have a nice relationship with and don’t want to majorly offend.)

    • Exactly. I’m as much for better body image as anyone. Frankly, though, I don’t give a fuck how good you feel at 600 pounds. It’s disgusting. Scientific evidence shouldn’t be at the mercy of self esteem!

      I had the same problem until I just got so fed up one day I just blew up about everything :/ what’s your Tumblr? 🙂

  2. Kristin Z. says:

    My tumblr is something I kinda want to keep hidden (for now, at least). Sorry. :/

  3. 'Ello says:

    “The idea that all minorities can wave their wands and declare anything offensive is another post for another night”

    OMG I think I’m falling in love. Please come back to this blog if you read this.

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