Creationism. I mean, uh, the Fat Acceptance “movement” – An Introduction

They really are not as different as you might think. They certainly have characteristics in common – the unyielding willingness to bow to a leader/leaders, a mentality of seeking acceptance for one to stagnate in their current state of knowledge, etcetera. Most of all, however, these movements both reject science in favour of their own idealogy. When you place a source in your mind as ‘true north’, nothing will sway you from this set-point. We see this in the creationism argument every day in how literalist Christians view the Bible.

Kate Harding, of Shapely Prose (The champion of the current fat acceptance movement, at least in the ‘fatosphere’ – a group of FA bloggers, despite the closure of Shapely Prose) has become true north for many people.

Now, I really dislike trying to shoehorn a good, brief description of something when countless ones have been made before me. So I give you one of my new favourite blogs, Unfatblog, and their introduction to ‘The Fat Acceptance Movement”.

Now, read it please! Seriously. It won’t take long, and it’s a dopity-dope blog (too bad it’s now no longer updated!), but I’ll bullet point some views from the fat acceptance movement if you’re feeling busy 🙂

  • Working towards ending  discrimination and prejudice towards fat people
  • Working on loving yourself and your body, no matter your size

This is pretty much awesome and I agree with this. It’s a common way to feel when you stumble upon this movement – that you can finally find like minded people who actually think you’re beautiful and want you to be happy with yourself! But that’s where my acceptance of Fat Acceptance ends. This is also, unfortunately, pretty much most of the fat acceptance that the media reports. They don’t talk about the bullshit! I’ll continue.

  • Everyone has a ‘genetic set point’ for their weight
  • You can be healthy at any size whatsoever
  • Weight has nothing or very little to do with health
  • All you can tell by looking at a fat person is that they’re fat and nothing to do with their health is visible
  • All diets do not work
  • All lifestyle changes are still diets, and still do not work
  • If you can lose weight and keep it off for five years, you’re a freak of nature
  • That your body knows what it needs and everyone should ‘eat intuitively’
  • You can’t talk about losing weight in the fatosphere
  • Being fat has no impact on anyone but yourself
  • Binge eating isn’t really an eating disorder, but anorexia and bulimia are only caused by dieting
  • Dieting is worse for you than being fat

The Fat Acceptance movement is quite literally defeatism. It is telling people that it’s too hard to change, therefore we should all just be okay with how we are.

I fucking hate this movement. It truly disgusts me.

Hopefully, in reading the links above, you feel like screaming ‘BULLSHIT!’. The sheer denial of science and evidence is astounding – as noted in Unfatblog’s post above, the FA blogosphere is mainly women in their twenties to thirties with no scientific or medical background. Because of the young age of the bloggers, it’s easy for them to use their own lives and lives of friends as anecdotal evidence to how they feel ‘better than ever’  with their current body size – usually, morbidly obese to the tune of at least 100 pounds overweight.

The fat acceptance movement truly did not occur to me as a thing that was anything like this until recently. I assumed what I’d always heard – that they were fighting prejudice and discrimination and promoting self-love. I had no idea of their denial. I had no idea of their need for high self esteem at the expense of their health. I had no idea of how they treated those who still wanted to participate in Fat Acceptance while losing weight.

 Just because fat is a majority doesn’t make it acceptable. 


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6 Responses to Creationism. I mean, uh, the Fat Acceptance “movement” – An Introduction

  1. wriggles says:

    You are wrong on so many levels, the only reason I know you are serious is because I hear this mentality everywhere, all the time.

    For a start, you don’t understand FA, people like you never can. You get your hate on first. You’re right to be ashamed of that and try to insist you are forced to hate, you’ve no choice, just like some creationists pretend their beliefs have scientific foundation.

    Creationism as I understand is referring to bible stories about god’s busy 7 days + Adam’s rib as the origin of the earth + mankind, rather than the big bang + evolution.

    How this relates to a rejection of describing human size as a pathology, by those who are that size, I don’t know. Creationist are not the origins of planet earth, nor humankind, therefore they are speaking about something they have no personal experience of.

    If that sounds too complex, that’s why the points your list refers to is so often dumbed down, for people like you to try and grasp. You still fail, because you want to and some of us are really bored with all this over simplication.

    I just wish we’d say what we have to say and leave you haters to work it ou.

    The idea of follow the leader is absurd, the reason you think that is like most haters, you either pretend or do not understand the difference between disagreeing with the interpretation of facts or disagreeing with those facts. Perhaps because you do little of either.

    -Set point was coined by a scientist-look it up. I personally feel it’s partly wrong and partly right and have said so.

    -HAES=HEALTH not healthy at any size. There is no “Y” on the end of “health” okay? Can you pass that on to other haters so you don’t keep making the same error? You people are slow.

    -You won’t understand this but I’ll say it anyway. The only MO of weight loss dieting is calorie restriction either via intake or output (or both). Without that it is not a WLD. With it, it’s always a weight loss diet, no matter what you or anyone else calls it.

    Therefore there are no “types of diet” only different forms of calorie restriction, got that? No, of course you don’t.

    -A calorie restriction regime, is a calorie restriction regime, even when it’s called “lifestyle change/adjustment/choice/intervention” etc.,

    I hope you’re not one of those dimwits who thinks if you whisper “lifestyle change” your body won’t notice when you are trying to shortchange it? Because I’m sure you’re clever enough to understand it notices through having less fuel than its demanding, rather than because it heard the word “diet”.

    -I wouldn’t say 5 year weight loss= a freak of nature, any more than I’d say someone who went to Vegas with £10 and managed to turn that into £ 50,000 in a night’s gambling is a freak of nature.

    Just that our ten pound hero’s success is of a very low probability. That’s mathematics, I’m sure you know and love that as much as you know and love science.

    -Being “scientific” you must know that anatomically speaking your brain and therefore your mind is also part of your body.

    -People talk about losing weight all the time, it’s the way it’s spoken about. The “no diet talk” rule is about the number of people on the fatsphere who don’t wish to trigger their hard to lose previous dependency on weight loss dieting.

    Like when an addict gives up drugs, they seek to avoid all references to a previous drug habit, until it is no longer triggering.

    -Being fat is yourself. Men who fit into the “underweight” category have the highest suicide rate of all. I don’t think of that as being an “impact” on others even though if they had higher weight they’d be less likelihood of this. It’s an overall association, the overwhelming majority of said category, will not commit suicide.

    -I’ve no idea where you get the idea that “binge eating disorder” is not a disorder, the clue is in the name.

    -I don’t know whether WL dieting is or isn’t better or worse for you than being fat/medium sized or slender I only know it doesn’t work, so it cannot be proven either way. It’s an irrelevant distraction from something that would work for those who want it. I wonder why people like you don’t talk about that.

    -The ability to believe in fantasy lasts as long as the ability to suspend disbelief. When the latter goes, self/fat acceptance is what happens. You wouldn’t understand that either, it seems.

    -You can be as “disgusted” as you want, though your “heartfelt” emotion is totally encouraged by authority and is used as a way of policing fat people, therefore isn’t yours really, you are just following the orders of those you consider your leaders, which is why you think everyone is exactly the same.

    -The “science” of ‘obesity’ has rarely been strong and has declined in the decades of the crusade. Which can be very obvious if you have experience, ie. are fat and have a modicum of intelligence. You’re going to have to trust that you just cannot see what a lot of us can see. And yes, your cluelessness is obvious to us and no, you don’t know how ridiculous you look.

    As for qualifications, you also forget, personal experience. “Scientism” doesn’t and cannot replace that, nor does it turn us into slaves without existence until scientists tell us we do. We don’t have to wait for science to notice stuff. If we can think for ourselves.

    My life is happening to me, not scientists my body is mine not theirs and I can speak about that, with or without their permission any where any time I please.

    -What I feel better about is not doing myself further harm, living in a much encouraged fantasy world, because people might be angry about that.

    I feel better about not wasting huge amounts of energy doing things that not only don’t work, but add extra problems to any I may or may not have. That’s something you’d know nothing about, because you are clearly ignorant and intend to stay that way. Good luck to you. I’ve lived in an overvalidated fantasy world too, I just got sick of it.

    -Oh this is about dieters rights. They have the whole of the rest of the universe to pursue dieting. If that’s not enough, that’s just tough, if they don’t like it, they can leave and go, oh, just about anywhere.

    I know you are a really lazy about this and understanding others in general, but can’t you try just a teensy weensy bit harder? I’m sure it would make your hating pack more of a punch.

    • Tasha says:

      I don’t think you see the hipocrisy in your own words. You’ve basically been a jerk to this girl, and the majority of scientific evidence does NOT support your point.

      You’ve done nothing but insult someone for being “insulting”, which they were not. You were condescending, misinformed and these opinions are dangerous.

      “For a start, you don’t understand FA, people like you never can. You get your hate on first.” You clearly don’t care about understand people either, or at least your actions do not carry that across.

      I’ve lost the weight. I’ve kept it off and am continuing to do so. You keep talking about diets, but not exercise. I’m sorry that you have so much of a lack of respect and belief in yourself that you have to attack someone else for trying to do good. You’re right about some things—your body and your defeatist attitude are your own. Just don’t expect the public to have to pay for it when you get sick, because YOU made the choice, not them.

      You can’t have it both ways. I wish you knew how ridiculous YOU looked. And I think you do. You just want people to make you feel better and have to attack them when they don’t. Take your own advice. Find solace in yourself and stop trying to bring others down in a poor attempt to vent at society.

      Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to get and be healthy so that we can be there for those whom we love in life.

    • testguy says:

      Little late, but, fuck you. You’re an ugly fat bitch with no self-esteem, and that will never change. So fuck you.

  2. Tasha says:

    Hey, Chica.

    My name is Tasha and I support you SO MUCH in speaking out against the FA movement. I too have been attacked and flamed on tumblr, even after expressing that my brother is ill and I have lost family members from preventable, weight-related issues.

    They didn’t care. I was mocked, told I was fat-shaming and a “ignorant fuck”. How awful. Obesity is killing people, and as a black woman, it is disproportionately affecting my community. A PBS special had one black nutritionist call it a “genocide” I’d have to agree.

    This movement is dangerous. I don’t want anyone else to have to sit beside a hospital bed, to watch people wither; their health fail, and the livelihood robbed from them over something that could be prevented. And, in our day and age, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Even though I’m an artist, I have taken the anatomy and physiology labs. I have opened the arteries of cadavers and seen the fatty deposits for myself.

    I’ve stared this preventable death in the face.

    Thank you for speaking out against it—thank you SO much for caring more about the health of those around you than comforting people. Comfort won’t lower your blood pressure. It won’t stop arthritis; it won’t bring you back from the brink of death.

    So again, many many many thanks

  3. Cal says:

    A high level of cognitive dissonance is needed for both belief systems.

    The other thing FA groups have in common is total censorship at a similar level to that in the DPRK, only praise and agreement is allowed.

    The FA mob can not cope with open debate, they know their beliefs would not stand up to scrutiny so they create their own bubble to live in.

    Of course anyone who does accept their ‘flat earth’ views is automatically ‘a hater’ ‘bigot’ ‘ignorant’ …. etc… only they know the facts – agree or else.

    • Karen says:

      Yes! I found this blog, because I’ve been in a snit because a FA blogger, one who is well-respected and known as a champion of the obese, is spreading the word that health and body size are in no way related. She also loves to share that weight loss never works, and, even if it does, nobody keeps it off anyway. Instead of hope, her message seems to be, “Why bother?” So, I tried to comment on her blog – I mentioned that my daughter and I both, with babysteps, managed to lose a significant amount of weight, keep it off, and have both been rewarded with medical improvements. She deleted my comment, then blocked me!! I wanted to shout her name from the rooftops, letting the public know what a disservice she is doing the people she claims to care so much about!

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