About Stefanie

My name is Stefanie Michelle. I’m 19, and I turn 20 on April 12.  I want to be brilliant, to inspire people, to change the world. I love singing. I also love photography and landscapes and cute animals and whatever else. I’m an agnostic atheist – I also post about religion sometimes. I love making new friends and I like to think I’m really nice 🙂 Apparently I’m a huge cunt. Try me, if you’re a reasonable person I’m sure you’ll find it to be bullshit.  I hate talking about myself, but I like blogging about myself.  I live in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, with my boyfriend Jordan. I love him immensely and we plan to stay together and get married and make weird kids. I love reading lists and also Cracked. I don’t smoke pot. I hate when people take things too far with their liberal beliefs (obviously). I love alcohol and Jordan and I are wine snobs but I don’t really know hardly anything about wine. I’m a full time volunteer (so is Jordan) at a tutoring centre for low-income families. I get to work with kids all the time and I love it. It’s located in a church, so I go every Sunday even though I loathe church >( The people I work with as well as the kids we help are some of the most fantastic people. I get to be the librarian in our little library and play with all the kids books and sometimes sneak on the computer or read. I love reading about serial killers and true crime.  I love my family and I miss living with them sometimes. My sisters are 17 and 13 and they’re amazing. I like learning a whole lot about random things that have nothing to do with  my life. Diet Faygo is my favourite drink, and I hate juggalos. I struggle with weight and body image every day. I’m losing that last 12-17 pounds, finally!! I’m 5’4 and around 130. I have never had an eating disorder but I’m pretty fucking sure I have body dismorphic disorder. Dear fat acceptance: I got to 130 because I lost 25 pounds, not because it’s naturally easy for me. I have overweight parents who are continuing to struggle with their weight.   I have brown eyes and hair and a pale as fuck white face and I take too many pictures to make myself feel more adequate. I love nail art. Sometimes I’m pretty? I guess. I’m working on a personal blog at livejournal, I’ll let you all know when it’s done! Here is my face now!





JORDAN (Don’t tell him this is here. I’m serious.)




2 Responses to About Stefanie

  1. You both are pretty people !

  2. Tasha says:

    I am a “POC” and have to agree with you about a lot of this. I feel that tumblr is just full of a lot of angry people who want to vent at the world. They demand “social justice” while treating others like shit. It’s awful.

    Anyhow, I’d love to follow your own tumblr. You have a lot of great ideas, especially about the ironically un-altruistic nature of these social justice champions.

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