About SJN

Social Justice Nonsense is something I really needed to do for many reasons.

Basically, I feel like I fit in nowhere on the internet, and I’m hoping this blog will bring like minded folks ūüėÄ

First of all, I gotta make one thing clear. I’m not a conservative in any way and generally have little tolerance for right-wing garbage.¬†I’m extremely liberal. I’m so sick of the idea that to be liberal means that you need to be ridiculous.¬†I’m liberal because of issues that matter, and in spite of issues that don’t.¬†I resent how many things I hate about the social justice movement. I used to reserve my wrath for conservatives, but no more.

Stuff I care about, not exclusive and in no order (none of these are in order, k?):

  1. Civil rights
  2. Religious rights
  3. LGBT* rights
  4. Equal rights between men/women
  5. Animal cruelty
  6. Abortion and contraception education and access
  7. Racism
  8. Prejudice
  9. Workplace inequality
  10. The wage gap
  11. The rich ruining everything
  12. War issues
  13. Drug legalization
  14. America playing world police
  15. Scam artists and charlatans
  16. Welfare rights
  17. Living wage
  18. Drug rehabilitation
  19. Universal health care
  20. Bullying
  21. Obesity epidemic
  22. Victim blaming for rape victims
  23. Education does not equal intelligence
  24. Free speech
  25. Reasonably priced post-secondary education
  26. Homeschooling rights (that was me!!)

Stuff I think is usually overdramatic as all fuck in most cases of people bitching about it:

  1. “Cultural Appropriation” unless it’s people wearing headdresses and such
  2. Racism jokes
  3. Slut shaming (nope, slut shaming and victim blaming are not  the same!)
  4. Sexist jokes
  5. Thin Disney princesses
  6. ‘White privilege’
  7. ‘Male privilege’
  8. ‘Cis privilege’
  9. Checking your privilege in general, actually. Read: shame yourself for being ‘normal’ or ‘average’
  10. Special snowflakes
  11. Assuming all POC have an innate telepathic connection to world racism that enables them to know everything about oppression, and that no white person ever will understand racism no matter how much they study it
  12. Third wave feminism
  13. Otherkin, therian, machinekin, fictionkin, whateverthefuck-kin when they act like every identity even when it’s a goddamn Pokemon is a real one
  14. The idea that a baby is only a baby when the woman carrying it says it is (not that it’s enforced, obviously. No one goes through 8 months pregnancy and gets an abortion unless they’re gonna get severely sick or die without doing so, but the idea is ludicrous)
  15. Gender inclusive shit like ‘male presenting’, ‘zhe’,’zhir’ when it’s not needed
  16. Ableism (unless it’s actually hurting or being mean to disabled people)
  17. Anyone bitching about the word ‘gipped’
  18. Not acknowledging biological sex as a concept, or calling it an oppressive one.
  19. ‘cissexism’
  20. Silly trigger warnings
  21. Society serving tiny minorities at the expense of everyone else
  22. Lots more stuff, but you get the idea, hopefully.

Stuff that pisses me right the fuck off, conservative shit notwithstanding:

  1. “Fat acceptance” movement
  2. “Health at every size” movement
  3. Treating white people like shit for being born white
  4. Slapping “identity” in front of anything makes it acceptable
  5. Male rape deniers
  6. Cigarette apologists
  7. People who think intent doesn’t mean anything
  8. People who think nothing they do with their bodies effects anything
  9. White people not being allowed to have an opinion or being told to ‘sit the fuck down’
  10. People who allow their children to be obese.

So, hopefully that gives you an idea of what posts will be here – my annoyance, anger, rants, and occasional joy over the ‘Social Justice’ community. Some conservative bullshit may be trashed occasionally as well.

NOTE: This is not really gonna be a site for disclaimers and apologies. If you are unsure on what I feel on something, say so. However, don’t assume, for example, that I dislike fat people or think they should be discriminated against. Or that I don’t believe in white privilege. Or that I think black people can be racist towards white people. Basically, I’m sick of the ridiculous level of bending over backwards the blogosphere uses with every post.


*DISCLAIMER* Just because I don’t like people bitching about white girls and dream catchers doesn’t mean I don’t believe that cultural appropriation is okay. Wearing war bonnets and other important ritual items as fashion is ridiculous. I’m not disagreeing with cultural appropriation, but with the idea that anything the ‘appropriated’ culture deems oppressive MUST BE oppressive with no other evidence, thought or reason. That is all. PS I don’t advocate racism and yes we need to be more educated as a society and learn about for example Native American cultures.

I do believe all of those things. But I’m not spelling it out for you. If I’m confusing, ask me! But don’t assume that excluding something means agreeing.

Love, Stef


10 Responses to About SJN

  1. HI,
    My name is Rebecca.
    I have decided to do my thesis on ‘Fat Acceptance’ in the United States.
    I would like very much to interview someone from Social Justice Nonsense.

  2. fuju says:

    that’s it:

    this is the most beautiful thing on the internet.

    i think i will quite enjoy this blog ovo

    i agree with all the points stated here.

  3. Zoe says:

    Hi Stefanie,
    I consider myself a social justice activist, and I’d really love to engage in a civil dialog with you.
    According to your list above and some of your posts, you hate racism, sexism, homophobia, and general discrimination. So do I. And we’re both white, cisfemale, straight, relatively privileged people, I think we just react to our privilege differently.
    Because I am white and from the US, I have the opportunity to see people who look like me and with whom I can identify all over the media. Police do not identify me as a threat, my ancestors have been making money their entire stay in the US, and when I walk in a room, no one presumes that they inherently know about my personality. Being white is a privilege, and that’s just true. It doesn’t mean you or I don’t have problems; everyone has problems. It just means that our RACE is not the source of these problems. People involved in social justice don’t BLAME white people for this privilege, it’s just a fact. No one is asking you to apologize for being white. What you can do is acknowledge when your privilege manifests: when a taxi driver picks you up over a black man, when you hear about police brutality against minorities, when you realize that Latina women will make far less than you for equal work. What should be done about white privilege is that white people should use the fact that they’re listened to, that our voices are louder, to SPEAK UP for oppressed peoples.
    Anyways, since we come from similar backgrounds, I’d love to discuss why my opinions on cultural appropriation, feminism, etc. are different from yours. I agree that no one should have a “true north” setting in their mind, and that we should challenge our opinions.
    Thanks! Zo√ę

  4. Kathleen says:

    You know, I’ve been fat my whole life, as much as I’ve tried hard not to be. My parents certainly never accepted it, and they even forced me to be on an all salad diet while I was in middle school, which sucked a lot, because I was becoming malnourished, and I still wasn’t losing enough weight, and I was just miserable. It took me a long time to accept that I’m just fat, and that that doesn’t make me ugly, or automatically unhealthy, or lazy, or immoral. The fat acceptance movement and Health At Every Size actually helped me to become healthier, find exercise and eating habits that are right for me, and be happy and not hate myself. Now I have healthier blood pressure, and I do yoga and swim, and I’m vegetarian for moral reasons. I’m still a size 16, and nothing I do is going to change that.

    There is definitely such a thing as an unhealthy weight. Some people do have an unhealthy amount of body fat for them personally. But what I hate is people who see a big person, and they just assume, and they take that as an excuse to be mean or tell other people how to live their lives, or think that that fat person isn’t deserving of love and respect like everyone else.

    I can see why maybe you have a misconception about fat acceptance, or maybe you think it’s about doing nothing about your health and being lazy. It’s not. It’s about treating fat people like fellow human beings and not tolerating bullying towards them. It’s about speaking out about eating disorders of all kinds, especially bringing awareness about fat people who try to use eating disorders as a way to lose weight, and fail at losing weight, but still suffer the same unhealthy symptoms as other people who become anorexic or bulimic, and nobody helps them because they’re fat and not skinny.

    It’s about detaching the stigma of the word fat. Fat does not automatically mean lazy, smelly, unhealthy, ugly, or bad. It’s about not using words to harm people. It’s about not using people’s bodies as a tool of causing self-hatred and self-harm.

    I really appreciated your post about cultural appropriation, and why being narrow-minded about culture shaming is actually harmful and racist.

    I wish you could see why fat-shaming (and slut-shaming), are really just other forms of bullying, an issue you claim to care about.

    • Kathleen says:

      * lol, culture sharing. Not culture shaming. Haha. I was trying to think two thoughts at once there. People who are narrow minded about SHARING culture is what I meant to say.

    • Kathleen says:

      One thing I’d like to suggest: watch Gabriel Iglesias and his comedy routines.

      He talks about a lot of things, from race to culture, religion, and language (all stories from his travels and whatnot), and he’s pretty chill but egalitarian about those things like you. He’s also a big guy. A probably unhealthy big guy who admits openly to eating more cake and donuts than is probably good for him. But he cares about hygiene. And he cares about kindness, and having a relaxed attitude. And having fun.

      He made a joke once that he left a piece of cake at home to save it for later, trying to exercise self-discipline. That same day, he was very close to dying in a car accident. You know what he said to himself? He said if he died that day, he really would have regretted not taking the chance to enjoy that piece of cake. It was a pretty funny punchline when you hear it in his comedy act, but it was also pretty emotionally deep. He was basically saying, don’t sweat it. Just enjoy yourself and seize the day. If enjoying food makes you happy, then do that. If exercising and feeling physically powerful and healthy makes you happy, then do that. Ultimately, it’s people’s happiness that matters the most. Not their health, or their life spans, or whether or not they live their lives meeting other people’s standards. Did they love, enjoy the presence of their friends and family, treat people kindly, and have a good time? Yes? Then what more do you want from them?

      • Anonymous says:

        The thing is that people who are over a certain weight are statistically more likely to be affected by numerous health conditions such as heart problems. People under a certain weight are also affected by health conditions, but we do not hear about those as often presumably because people in the western world are more likely to be overweight than underweight. I am in the latter group with a BMI of 13.5 – for reference,Underweight = = 30 – which is ridiculously underweight and definitely unhealthy, but there is not really a way to get more weight. I am 5’11” with a weight of 100 pounds. The issues that underweight people encounter are never discussed in society while overweight people are given support groups and the like.

  5. AK says:

    Hi! I know this is old and you may not even check this anymore, but THANK YOU!!! I LOVE when people have the guts to express themselves in an articulate manner, and I agree with SO many of these things! I loved reading some of the things here, thanks for sharing your opinions with us. I’m glad someone is speaking up. Especially on the whole “cultural appropriation” nonsense. I’m sick of it too. Feel free to check out my very basic blog on some similar topics, thefunctionaladdict.com

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